Leisure area

Lough and pleasure

This old 85m² barn has been completely refurbished to offer you a relaxing area. It has now a large living room with a flat TV screen to watch the greatest sportsevents.

This room also have a bar, a pool table and a stove. Therefore, you can sing, dance and play all night long without disturbing the ones who will go to sleep earlier in the main house.


Pool Table

Old pool table built in 1860 (Napoleon III)

E stato riadattato per farne un biliardo americano. Uno spazio di gioco ideale per trascorrere una serata fra amici.



Friendly space for your evenings with friends.

Fridge, glasses,... everything is there except you for the moment.
The bar is equipped with a fridge.


Living room

A warm atmosphere in the living room.

The perfect place to end your evenings.



Beautiful artisanal stove

To spend evenings by the fire. Logs, firewood and fire starters are waiting for you to warm up the atmosphere.